Our Story

The SightScent mapping system was created out of frustration! Our Peggy (14-year old Rough/Border Collie mix) has had greatly decreasing vision and hearing as she ages. We inherited 14-year old Alfie (Papillon/Maltese mix), who is similarly deteriorating. But it wasn't until our beloved Enzo (7-year old black Pug) went totally blind and deaf from SARDS within a few weeks that we really knew we had to do something.

Enzo the Pug

Many of the tools used to assist blind dogs would not work for Enzo because of his contemporaneous deafness. It was heart wrenching to see him sit in the middle of a room with his head hung. Standing motionless for long periods of time with his tail uncurled, a sure sign of unhappiness. Robbed of his hearing and vision in the prime of his life, Enzo came to rely on his sense of smell.

The SightScent system of Bkinz was created through much research, trial and error in an effort to assist these family members.  Our other three dogs who do not have any deficits also approve! All three dogs have regained a sense of control and dignity in their lives. Enzo's tail is curled again!Edit this text to make it your own.

How it Works

Our crafted scents are responsibly sourced, small batch processed, and include blends of Himalayan cedar oil, lemongrass, and spearmint. They are all natural and homeopathic, specifically formulated to be pleasant and distinct yet not greatly noticeable to humans. All of our scents are non-irritating to cats and dogs. Absolutely no clove oil is used.

​The Bkinz markers are not pre-scented because it's very important that you assess your own pet's tolerance level.  You will be able to determine how much scent your pet needs in order to alert to the Bkinz. Reapply as needed so you can control the program for your dog or cat.

Pace Yourself

You know your pet best. Please proceed at a pace that helps them succeed and build confidence. It's important to reach success with your first scent before introducing Scent #2. Proceed to Scent #3, the "no go" scent only after your pet has learned the first two. Begin mapping with the higher priority target items first.


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