Sight Scent

A New Way for Pets to See!

How does it work?

Sight Scent™ crafted scents are applied to Bkinz™ markers and located throughout the home to help blind and vision-impaired pets navigate their world with their sensitive sense of smell.

Scent #1


Use this earthy scent blend to mark destinations such as water bowls, food bowls, beds, crates, toys, and doors to outside

Scent #2


This lemony scent blend is used to mark pathways and areas that are safe and clear for your pet to travel confidently

Scent #3

Do Not Enter

The final scent uses minty scent blends to communicate locations and items that are off-limits or unsafe for your pet


Our team has been helping blind and vision-impaired pets “see”  since 2018. We have real people answering the phones and emails to help folks who have questions.

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